• To conduct earthdog performance events for small working terriers and dachshunds in accordance with the rules and regulations as adopted by AKC. And in the event of American Working Terrier Association trials, to comply with the rules and regulations of that organization.
  • To encourage and to do all that is possible to preserve the natural working instinct of these earthdogs, which is to fearlessly enter an underground earth and react in a positive manner so as to bolt or hold at bay any quarry that may be encountered.
  • To assist breed specialty clubs and all-breed clubs in holding AKC-approved earth dog events.
  • To encourage sportsmanlike competition among club members and among all participants at earthdog activities
President: Bryon Scott
Vice President: Celli Jones
Treasurer: Peggy Chittick
Secretary: Karen Kotke Partington
Board of Directors: Liz Hampton, Gracia Hall, JoLynn Hefferman, Betty McNeil-Scott