Update July 7:  We've had some judge and committe changes.  The new premium is here.

RMED will hold 3 tests on July 13(2 tests) and 14(1 test) at the Rist Canyon Site

- 11491 Rist Canyon Road, Bellvue, CO

Go just past the driveway and at the top of the hill enter the field through the gate on the left.

- The hay has been cut and should be baled by the event, so plenty of parking.

Download Premium Here *UPDATED*

PRE-ENTRIES CLOSE ON Monday, July 8, 2019 6:00 PM

ENTRY FEES Master, Senior, and Junior:

$18.00 for Pre-Entry,

$22.00 Day of Test

Introduction to Quarry:

$10.00 for both Pre-Entry and Day of Test

Endurance Earthdog:

$25.00 for Pre-Entry,

$30.00 Day of Test

Entries must be received by the secretary by 6pm on Monday, July 8, 2019 in order to qualify for pre-entry fees. All tests close to further entries or changes 30 minutes before the listed start time of that test. Day of test entries must be received at least 30 minutes before the listed start time of that test. Please bring your dog’s AKC registration number. We cannot look up that number at the test.

From Dawn-Renee

The work day yesterday was a big success.  

  • We buried the new sections of tunnels Lori Oakley built.  The Master and Senior sections include new, moveable dowels that I think are really going to make the dogs super excited (the dogs we practiced that day seemed to love them and we could HEAR them easily!)
    • Karen and Jeff Partington pretty much dug in Senior and Master by themselves
    • Bob Gann and new earthdogger Ed Hubbs reinstalled Junior, which was more complicated due to the metal sides
      • An interesting story, Ed came to help because he has his sister’s Smooth Fox Terrier and wants to run the SFT next week.  He and Bob are friends from college who attended each other’s weddings and neither of them realized the other was going to be there yesterday!  Very cool!
  • We rebuilt three sections in Senior we didn’t expect to have to, so thank goodness for the sections of metal from RMATC and the expert engineering skills of Bob and Ed
    • Those were filled back in by Larry Bush and Jeff
  • Larry did a lot of weedwacking to make it easy for the dogs to see their entrances!
  • Lori, who just had knee surgery last week, ran back and forth to the hardware store, helped get the cabin ready and replaced rotted dowels in the Intro tunnel
  • Ann Brodie, Celli Jones & Christine Kim helped reorganize the shed and get the cabin ready to go
  • Everybody, especially Celli and Christine, helped “judge" the dogs who were there for practice
  • Christine is keeping our rats until the test next week
Many hands made light work.  Apologies if I missed anything folks helped with.  I really appreciate everyone coming together to help out.  
We especially missed our friends Betty and Bryon, but we know they were with us in spirit.
Hope to see many of you at the test next weekend.
Please mark your calendars for the next tests September 14 & 15!  Christine and I will have a practice prior.  RMATC will also have a test in October in Sedalia.

There will be a workday/funday on July 6, 2019 at the Rist Canyon Site.  We need to:

  • Dig out and clean tunnels
  • Replace tunnel end pieces with new ones
  • Install new tunnel tops on some of the new tunnels.

If we get the work done - we will have time for practice.

Bring gloves, shovels, battery powered screw drivers, perhaps a weed wacker or two water to drink.

Site location

- 11491 Rist Canyon Road, Bellvue, CO

Go just past the driveway and at the top of the hill enter the field through the gate on the left.

- Stay on the little road, don't drive/park on the hay, and continue along the field to the cabin.

Don't park in the hay field!

  • To conduct earthdog performance events for small working terriers and dachshunds in accordance with the rules and regulations as adopted by AKC. And in the event of American Working Terrier Association trials, to comply with the rules and regulations of that organization.
  • To encourage and to do all that is possible to preserve the natural working instinct of these earthdogs, which is to fearlessly enter an underground earth and react in a positive manner so as to bolt or hold at bay any quarry that may be encountered.
  • To assist breed specialty clubs and all-breed clubs in holding AKC-approved earth dog events.
  • To encourage sportsmanlike competition among club members and among all participants at earthdog activities